{P}itch, Please!

Pitch, Please…let’s style some pitchers!

Hello friends! I am so glad you stopped by to read the first post on my brand spanking new blog! Thank you, I appreciate it so much!

Okay let’s get down to it. Pitchers. Love ’em. They aren’t just for lemonade anymore (however that is good too)! So many ways to style them. Fresh flowers, faux flowers, no flowers. On mantels, on tables, on trays, on shelves. You get the pitcher, wait I meant picture! Oh lord, I’m trying to be funny, is it working, no? Okay moving on! Below are pictures of how I love to style pitchers in my home.

You can’t beat fresh tulips in the Spring!

This pitcher is pretty much a staple on my mantel [and it is less than $15]! I just change out the flowers and greenery with the seasons!

Here I tried to get a little more creative and put one of my smaller pitchers inside this lantern. Love the way it turned out!

The options really are endless. And I firmly believe you can never have too many! Fill them with your favorite fresh or faux flowers or a few eucalyptus or cotton stems.

Hobby Lobby will become your best friend when it comes to faux flowers and greenery. Most weeks their floral section is 50% off, and that is when I like to stock up!

You can even use them in your entryway to welcome guests!

Or if you prefer a more simplistic look don’t fill the pitcher at all, or display them in a collection. You can’t go wrong!

And there you have it my friends, one million and one ways to style pitchers! I would love to hear your questions or comments, so leave them and I will respond!

PS: If you are wondering who the crazy lady is ranting about pitchers, hello new friend! I’m Courtney 🙂 You can read a little more about me here!

I’m also linking in some of my favorite pitchers below!


  1. Ellen | 27th Jan 17

    I love this post!! Great tips in styling pitchers and your pictures are beautiful, Courtney!! Also loved the links to those gorgeous pitchers!! Can’t wait for your next post!!

    • vphomeandstyle | 27th Jan 17

      Thank you so much Ellen! Your support means so much to me my friend! Thank you for taking the time to read the post and to comment! 🙂

  2. Alina Moro | 28th Jan 17

    White pitchers are so beautiful. I love your pictures. They are so light and airy. Congratulations on starting your blog.

    • vphomeandstyle | 28th Jan 17

      Thank you so much for the kind words Alina! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my new blog! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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