Go Ahead, Steal It!

You Heard Me, Steal It!

Hello party people! Welcome to my first VP Décor Deals post! Each week I will feature current deals on home décor and furniture items that I think you will love! I’ll sift and sort through all my favorite sites to bring you the cream of the crop! That means less searching and clicking for you (score!)…just stop by here each week, check it out and say hello! If you are looking for anything specific let me know in the comments!

Drum roll please! {Insert me doing that tongue roll thing and trying not to spit all over myself}…

This week I have my top 10 favorites under $50! These are staple décor pieces that can be used basically anywhere in your home all year long. Click on any item above to go directly to the affiliate link! {Sidenote: There are 12 items linked because throw pillows, you can’t just have one… amiright?}

I’m sure you can spot at least one of these items in every single picture I post! So today, we are going to play Spot That Steal! Yes, I just made that up, and no you don’t have to laugh, but I see that smirk on your face… {Hint: the photo above has SEVEN items!}

Here are ways I use these 10 fabulous items in my home. Can you spot them?!

I love to use baskets all over the house because they are a pretty and functional way to hold stuff ie: blankets and TOYS!

A large wall clock makes such a statement and is the perfect addition to any open wall space. And throw pillows people, give me all the throw pillows 🙂

Here is another view of my mantel. Tall candlesticks, pitchers, vases and mirrors can dress up any mantel!

I can’t say enough about how much I am in love with these round mirrors! They are the perfect size and really open up the space. I also spy a vase, pitcher, candlestick and basket in this photo!

Trays, tray, trays. They are so functional and look good too. Use them to make a pretty vignette or to gather items all in one spot. I can spot MORE throw pillows and a lantern in this photo…

Here is a full view of my wall clock. I will never tire of looking at it 🙂 I also spy another lantern!

If you like these, but want to see more options, click here, I got your back! Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments! And in case you like lists…here is a list of the 10 items:

  1. Clocks
  2. Wreaths
  3. Pitchers
  4. Candlesticks
  5. Mirrors
  6. Baskets
  7. Trays
  8. Throw Pillows
  9. Vases
  10. Lanterns

PS: Next week will be Go Ahead, Steal It! – Splurge vs Steal edition. Stay tuned!


  1. Martha | 2nd Feb 17

    Thank you for sharing your decor!! I love it, and now I know where to find it 😉 Beautiful blog Court <3

    • vphomeandstyle | 2nd Feb 17

      Thank you so much Martha! Your support means so much!!!

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